Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have ridiculously thick hair.

My family members have said my hair should be in the Guiness Book of World Records, and I'm starting to believe them.
Let me give you a lesson on having hair like mine. There are several good and bad things about having thick hair.

-My neck is never cold... Who needs a scarf when your hair is a million inches
thick and several feet long?
-I can do a variety of interesting things with it. Every one messes with my hair. I've had braids, buns, pony tails, curls, french braids, and many other special hair-do's.
-My scalp is never sun-burned. There is too much hair in the way.

-I am not a horse, and my hair is not the reins.
-Not only is my neck never cold, but it is also extremely hot in the summer.
-It takes almost three years to straighten it. Pull out the the flat iron and get comfortable--this might take a while.
-It's super hard to wash. Another thing that takes up time... and shampoo.

Let me show you some of my cute and not-so-cute hairstyles:

"The Braid-Bun" by Kayla (Hatchett) Rowberry

"X-treme Skater Hair" by Kayla (Hatchett) Rowberry

"The Unicorn Horn" designed by Tessa
assembled by Haley Hudson

"Down" by Tessa Hatchett

"The Spanish Ponytail" by Tessa Hatchett

Thruthfully, I love my hair. The extra time spent to take care of it and the frustrating moments when brushing a tangled knot are worth all of the compliments. Why complain when you can realize the best of what you have?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet My Family

I come from a great family. I'd like you to meet them...

My dad is the best dad ever. He loves his family and wants us all to be happy.

Dad shares a business with my Uncle Garry called Hatchett Automotive. Although he would much rather be at home, he goes to work every day without complaint.

He is really funny. Whenever my friends first meet him, they think he's so serious. This is very wrong. Dad loves making sound effects, silly faces, and telling funny stories. He is constantly quoting old cartoons and making us laugh.

Dad is very calm and patient. With a wife and five children, the stress level can get very high. But he is always calm and doesn't overeact.


She received the calling of releif society president. Wedding, funeral, loss of job, anything, and she's there. It is stressful to her but she enjoys spending time with the women in our ward.

My mom is super smart. She's good at everything academic! Her IQ is probably a bajillion.

She is a very hard worker. She's once had five jobs! She is a great mother and always keeps the house clean and orderly. She is the most organized person I know.

She loves to read. My mother will literally read anything with words. She reads several novels at a time. She reads instruction manuels, textbooks, magazines, everything!


Steven is my oldest brother. His birthday is June 7, 1987.

Steve loves cars. If he could get a new car every day, he would.

Steve's girlfriend's name is Angie. Angie a a great person and helps Steve with everything.

He moved out of the house when I was eight, and hardly ever visits. Unfortunately I don't know much about him.


Janell is my oldest sister. She and Steven are twins, so her birthday is also June 7, 1987.

Janell is fun. She often takes me for sister/sister dates where we go random places and do random stuff. Our secret handshake is very....... random.

She loves animals. Janell has an Arabian show horse and a very big dog. Her horse's name is Rockin' to Fame. "Fame" for short. Janell's dog is half german shepard, one fourth boxer, and one fourth labrador retriever. Her name is Laika. Her animals are a big part of her life.

She is very artistic and creative. We have some of her art hanging in our house. She has most likely owned 50,000 sketchbooks. She loves art and took lots of art classes in highschool. She dreams of being an animator.


Kayla is my other older sister. Her birthday is June 13, 1989.

Kayla is very comforting. It's like she has some magical ability to make me happy. She is hilarious. She always makes me laugh with her dramatic stories.

She is an amazing singer. You wouldn't know unless you've lived with her. She sings all around the house, but not in front of people. When the shower turns on, you know you are about to hear a concert.

Kayla is gorgeous. I am especially jealous of her "Disney Princess eyes."

She loves writing. She could be a famous author someday.

Making cakes is a common family home evening activity at her house. She writes about her cake adventures and other humerous things on her blog at

Paul is my awesome brother-in-law. He is married to Kayla. His birthday is in February 6, 1985.

He loves Kayla. It's so cute when he leaves little notes for her all around her apartment.

Paul went on a spanish-speaking mission in Washington. Considering no one else in my family speaks a word of spanish, it's awesome to now have someone to help me with my homework.

My whole family loves Paul. He is a really good person and a great addition to our family.

Braden is my youngest sibling. His birthday is July 3, 1999.

Braden is very helpful. He often goes over to the house of the older people in our neighborhood and works for them.

He dominates us in games. One of his favorite games is UNO. He's been playing that game since he was three years old.

He is good in school. He always has straight A's.

He is also very determined. Once he starts something, he's most likely going to finish.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Blog

My mom loves reading blogs. Almost everyday she sifts through all of the blogs in our Favorites list, reading all of the different lectures and stories. I started reading these blogs as well. Now I love reading blogs.
I wanted to get a blog. I love taking pictures and writing, so why not? The challenge was thinking of a name for my blog. I turned thirteen three months ago. I started thinking of titles that would match a teenage girl's life. My mom often points out the frequent drama from all of her daughters. Well...There you go! Daily Drama!