Sunday, February 26, 2012

Math Blues

I was always good at math. When the teacher explained a new concept, it just made sense. If you had two apples and added another two, you then had four apples, and my brain had no trouble comprehending it. It stayed that way for years. All through elementary school math was fast and simple. In seventh grade I skipped Pre-Algebra and still Algebra was an easy A. I enjoyed having the top test scores in the class, even though no one else knew I did. Geometry was a misery because my teacher was evil and I figured it wasn't  my fault that I started getting B+s.

Algebra 2 has been like nothing I've ever had to endure before. I rarely understand the lesson in class and have to go home and study the textbook (which of course is written in jibberish...). If I get a B on a test I'm extremely proud because most of the time I get a C or C+, even after doing every homework assignment and solving every problem on the test.

It is the most frustrating thing in the entire world.

I feel a loss, like a part of me is gone and was replaced by something hideous and foreign. I've failed myself.

I think my biggest fear for high school is Pre-Calculus. I don't know if I'll survive.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Celebrity Crushes.

I've decided to bless you all with these lovely photos of my celebrity crushes. Enjoy.

Justin Bieber.
Age: 18 on March 1st
Fact: I have18 Bieber songs on my iPod and I've seen his movie Never Say Never approximately 14 times.

David Archuleta.
Age: 21
American (Technically 1/2 Honduran on his mother's side)
Fact: I've met him in real life at Deseret Book, he signed my magazine. I also saw him live at the MoTab Christmas concert 2010.
Fact #2: He is LDS and going on a mission soon.

Harry Styles.
Member of One Direction.
Age: 18

Cody Simpson.
Age: 15
Fact: I'm one month older than him.

Bruno Mars.
Age: 26
Fact: I've been to his concert... it was amazing.

True story.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Not Love

I haven't blogged much lately because most of what has gone on in my life and in my head lately I really don't want the whole world to read.
I'll start off this post by saying that teenagers ages 12-16 learn a lot of new things about life in general all at once. A LOT.
I've learned a few more new things the past few weeks. Some things I learned with the help of others. 
One thing is that I like a good story. A good love story, too. I also learned that I've never been in love, even when I thought I was a few times. (Romantically, that is.)
I researched a lot on the difference between 'like' and 'love'. I concluded that when you love you just know. And when you question it, it's not love. I guess that's a good enough answer for me. I know I'm only fifteen and have a lot more time to learn more and eventually love, so I've decided I'm just going to stop worrying about it.
I'll just stick to listening to good advice by Taylor Swift.
"When you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you,
You're gonna believe them.
And when you're fifteen don't forget to look before you fall.
I've found time can heal most anything,
And you might find who you're supposed to be.
I didn't know who I was supposed to be at fifteen..."

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Over and Over

"Wise men say only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you."
--Elvis Presley
Thanks to Footnotes, this has been in my head all day.
Also today I had one of those moments. One of those sweet moments in one of those perfect days. The ones you keep playing over and over in your head and you don't know why.