Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

I somehow managed to maintain a hideous cold for about a week.
Day after day I'd blow my nose about every two minutes. Day after day I went to school and would empty my nose every hour and a half because I was too embarassed to blow it in class. Day after day I returned home with rash-like dry skin on my nose from the school tissues that are actually sandpaper in disguise.

The routine was getting a bit dreary.

On Thursday night I had one of those days where one little thing happens and everything in life comes crashing down on you. I sat on the couch facing my mother who rocked my niece in the rocking chair. I randomly started crying for not any particular reason which is where the picture above comes from. . . that was probably less than twenty minutes worth of tissues. My nose was having a spazz attack.
I ranted on to my mother about the woes of life and all of the people I miss. At the end I sputtered, "Mom... I'm sick of being sick!"

The next week we had planned to have solo auditions in choir... I couldn't sing for my life and began to panic. Each day of choir I crossed my fingers, hoping and almost praying we wouldn't give out all the solos. Things worked out and the solo try-outs are still being procrastinated as we speak.

Today was a day of glory and not once during the school day did I need to blow my nose. It was a miricle and I'm looking forward to the weekend.


  1. So glad to hear that tryouts are not till next week. I'm sorry you are sick of being sick. It is not fun.

  2. Tessa I think I caught your cold.


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