Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goodbye, Eigth Grade!

This week was crazy. And way over-stressful. With all of the homework and make-up work and every work you can name that involves school, I almost died. ...Yeah, I see you rolling your eyes. Like I said, almost. Every day turned into a complete wreck, one after another. And every time I said, "This couldn't get any worse" it did.

There were a lot of awkward silences between my best friend and I. She's going to a charter school next year and in my head I'm still upset about it. Somehow with the end of the year coming close, the subject kept coming up. We were never the ones to talk about it, but whenever it was mentioned neither of us knew what to say or how to say it.

Finally Friday came and I went over to another one of my very good friend's house for a pretty-much-the-end-of-school party. There were seven girls there, all bubbly and happy. We ate junk food, played Just Dance on the Wii, and sat in "the circle of secrecy" while painting our nails. I came home feeling better than ever. The week was finally over. No more homework, no more gossip, no more stress. This next week is going to be amazing. I won't let it be ruined.

Monday--No School (Memorial Day), BRUNO MARS CONCERT<3
Tuesday--Just a lame old day of school, but no homework :)
Wednesday--Yearbook Day/the best day of the year
Thursday--There's no way I'm going to school, and my aunt is coming from Illinois. :D
Friday--Small "party" at the Scera Pool with my friends to celebrate the official start of summer.

At the beginning of eigth grade I was convinced it was going to be the best school year of my life. Well the first semester was pretty stupid, but things went up a lot the second. Now I'm convinced ninth grade is going to be the best school year of my life. I guess I can just cross my fingers and hope that every year gets progressively better.

This summer is going to be way different, too. Partly because the only people I would even dream of crushing on are celebreties, and partly because I made a lot of friends in eigth grade that I hope to stay connected with this summer. As of now, I see bright things in the future! Summer, here we come!

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  1. I hope Tessa that your friend going to another school will be for the best- for both of you. As hard as it is to see and understand now. I know it's not easy though, and I am sorry, hang in there and be the strong girl I know you are!

    Bruno Mars! How fun! Like I said, I am jealous! Lucky you two for being able to go.

    I hope each year gets better and better for you too Tessa! And I hope you have the best summer EVER!

    Love Sister Francom


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