Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yearbook Day

School started almost normally. My friends and I strolled the halls and talked before the bell rang.
"The yearbooks are gonna have scratch and sniff pickles," a boy told me.
"WHAT?!??!" I shreaked in horror, "I HATE the smell of pickles! The devil smells like pickles! I'm going to put tape over every freakin' pickle in the yearbook so I don't have so smell them!"
I soon found out in A1 our yearbooks, in fact, had nothing to do with pickles and my friend told me 'gullible' was written on the ceiling. I didn't look up. :P

The quest for signatures began. Except "signature" isn't the right word. Half of the people I know wrote me children's book-sized notes.

Yearbook day, though, has always given me mixed feelings. All of the ninth graders were leaving to Orem High, two of my friends were moving, and I knew it was the last day of school I'd probably ever have with Ally. That was the sad part. But at the time time you could feel love all around you. My yearbook was comepletely FILLED with mush and gush and so many wonderful compliments. Even though we knew we wouldn't see each other for a long time, we were all smiling.

In the seventh of the eight periods we had that day, I stood talking to friends, signing yearbooks and goofing off. Near the end of class, one of my good guyfriends turned to me. "Are you coming to school Thursday and Friday?" he asked.
"Nope," I replied, excited for my first days of summer.
"Then I guess I won't see you again," his arms wrapped around me in a big hug. He then turned and walked quickly away. I thought about reminding him we had all ninth grade ahead of us, but I figured it'd be awkward to chase him down after that dramatic departure.
So I stood mostly in shock. Our entire friendship pretty much started with his eyes. He has the prettiest eyes in the entire universe, but there was just one problem. He never looked me in the eyes when he was talking to me. I was determined to break the habit, and one day I challenged him to a staring contest. We sat on opposite sides of the lunch table, staring for a long time. I was probably the first one to blink, but ever since then he's looked me right in the eyes and I've looked right back.
We had silly conversations, hung out in class, and we eventually got him to sit with us at our lunch table. Several people told me he's been happier since he's known me, and that they can definately tell he likes me. I never believed them and thought he thought I was just some crazy chick from school. After yearbook day, I'm not quite sure.


  1. aw, yearbook day! Yo are bringing up so many of my own memories!

    Seems like it was a good day for you Tessa! And seems like a cute boy- so you to make someone happier!

    Sister Francom

  2. I was sooooooooooo right about him!


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