Thursday, November 17, 2011


As my class walked into Seminary we all received a number on a card. The boys had blue cards and the girls had pick. We then found our matching number and had to sit next to them as husband and wife the rest of class. There were only a few really attractive people and a couple of the boys in the class I really didn't like. I was holding my breath as I looked around the room. Ah ha. 7. Inside had a giddy smile as attractive and surprisingly really nice guy sat next to me.
"Hey Tessa."
Holy cow he knows my name! I marveled in my head. I figured I was invisible to most of the people at school.

We watched Disney love scenes and filled out worksheets about what we want out future spouses to be like. Then we talked about Isaac's wife, Rebekah, and all of her good traits.
When class was over I didn't want to say anything awkward like "It was nice being married to you" or something so I just smiled and left.

Later in the lunch line I stood with my friend, chatting away. And of course my husband ends up in the line right next to me with his group of attractive friends. "That's my wife," he said to them, smiling. We all laughed and for a moment I felt all of their eyes on me. Popular people never notice me, I thought and smiled back.
"You're blushing like crazy," my friend said to me when we turned back to face the front of the line. That just made me blush more, my face a fiery red.

It was a good day to be married.

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