Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sometimes I feel like this guy.

Not in that I have a big nose, but in the sense that whenever he complains and says, "Aw man, my nose is HUGE," his friends probably say, "You're nose isn't huge... you're perfect!"
When really... his nose IS huge. And he's NOT perfect. And to him (and to me), it all seems like a big lie.

But today I realized something. You may have a big nose, or cankles, or acne, or frizzy hair, or invisible eyelashes, or bushy eyebrows, or hairy arms, or crooked teeth. And you may be too fat or too skinny, or too short or too tall. But that doesn't mean you're not beautiful. It doesn't mean you're not great and awesome and wonderful. Just because you're not perfect doesn't mean you're not beautiful.


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