Friday, March 1, 2013

He Is Totally Reading This

Dear Ale, I typed into a new email.

I'm in Digital Photo right now. I finished my assignment... this class can be super boring sometimes because 75% of the time we're not even editing pictures. We mostly just take notes and quizzes. Kinda lame.
I'm extremely pleased with the fact that it's Friday. This has been the longest week of all time.

briefly paused my letter-writing to check my grades, but then returned to Gmail.

So I was checking my grades just now, and the guy next to me (who is clearly very bored) was watching me. "YOU HAVE A C+??" he teased in a surprised voice. "Yeah, I'm not very good at math..." I said. He retaliated, "Psh, but you're a sophomore in Pre Calculus " I told him that was totally beside the point. It wasn't a big deal to skip Pre-Algebra in 7th grade. It doesn't mean I'm good at math. I think that's the longest conversation I've had with him all term.
Fifteen minutes left of class... I'm dying over here.

In the corner of my eye, the boy next to me was... doing nothing... which was suspicious. Earlier he had been  looking at photoshopped pictures of Obama riding dinosaurs on the internet and making them the wallpaper of his computer. Now, he was just sitting. Most boys are WAY to A.D.D. to do nothing but sit still.
He was definitely reading my email.
I chose to take advantage of the situation and mess with him a bit.

Remember that one time we killed that guy and hid his body under your porch? That was so funny! Great times.

I paused, listening for a reaction. He said nothing. Maybe I needed to sound even scarier. Crazy Teenage Girl Mode: Activated.

My life has been pretty boring without a crush. Like, I basically have nothing to daydream about anymore. I just think about nothing and/or the present moment. Which, we all know, is not nearly as fun as making up scenarios that will never happen. Like the one where he and I sit in the movie theater together and share popcorn and during that romantic scene we look at each other and--
Okay. I'll stop. I'm probably killing you right now.

It took every ounce of self control in my body not to laugh. But still, no reaction from him. He was a nut that was tough to crack, but I was determined to break him.

I'm pretty positive the kid next to me is reading this email. So IF HE IS READING THIS HE SHOULD TELL ME RIGHT NOW.....

"Heh heh." IT WAS A LAUGH. I distinctly heard it escape his lips. I smiled. Cracked.

He is totally reading this.
Hahahahaha oh man... I have a story to tell you later.


I signed out of my email and turned off my computer, three minutes of class left. I sat in my chair for a moment, silent. The boy next to me sat there in silence too, perhaps in anticipation.
"How did you know I was reading it?"
I laughed and we smiled at each other. "I just knew."

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