Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Do It

This past week I got my hair cut. My hair was newly washed and I was nicely dressed  when my father came down the stairs. "You are coming to the dump with me." Of course, the next responses were things such as "Do I have to?" and "Why can't Braden go?" Then out of the bathroom we heard my mother's voice: "Just do it."

Back in Februrary, after a rather nasty gust of slushy snow, I walked to the park with my friend. We walked on the path for a while before she suggested we climb a nearby tree. I'd never been a huge tree climber myself, and stayed back and watched her rise farther and farther away from me. Finally, I decided to follow her in order to cotinue our conversation. I made it halfway up the tree and was steadying myself to take another step. My wet boot slipped off the branch and I came tumbling out of the tree. I hit several branches on the way down to the cold mud underneath. My knee felt terrible. I choked back tears as my friend scrambled down the tree. I pulled up my pant leg just as blood started to swell on my knee. My friend helped me over to a bench and held a peice of ice to my leg. After we got it to stop bleeding and cleaned my leg off with snow, I really wanted to go home. I limped back to my house with my friend by my side, pain in every step.
The next day I discovered many bruises along my arms and legs. My knee was swollen and bruised. It stayed that way for several weeks.
Last week I was walking in the park again. I sat on the bench right in front of that tree, thinking. I badly wanted to conquer the branches that had defeated me. Finally, I stood up and appraoched the tree. I hesitated the first couple branches, but kept going. I went farther and farther up, past the branch I fell off of. When I made it that far, I felt so good and so accomplished. I felt like I could do anything.

Just those three words can be the most motivational. If you feel like you can't do something, or are to afraid to speak up, tell yourself that you can.

"A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did."


  1. Good quote! SOrry you fell, sounds miserable, but good for you for conquering! Is that how you spell it???


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