Saturday, April 10, 2010


School has been crazy lately. I was so excited for spring break. I'm happy to escape the many horrors of Jr High, but at the same time I miss it. I miss my friends. I miss slipping notes into Ansalee's locker at lunch. I miss my crush.
I've been thinking a lot about school in my free time. At first I would go down to my room, but my thoughts were always interrupted by someone wanting me to do something. One day I decided to stroll around the neighborhood. After that, I kept walking.

Come take a walk with me.

I step out of the front door. I am almost thrown back inside by a sudden gust of wind that messes up my newly brushed hair. I step off the porch out into the cul-de-sac on 110 West and glide through my front yard and onto the sidewalk. I walk around the park and along the top of the hill. From the highest part of the grassy hill I can see kids running around the playground and climbing trees. Another burst of wind startles me and I continue my walk. I wander the field and take pictures of the trees and sky. My photoshoot ends abruptly when a huge cloud covers the sun, sending a sharp chill through my arms.

I cross the park and past Windsor Elementary, where I used to go to school. So many memories fly through my head that I can hardly focus on a single one. I turn onto the curved road leading up to Timpanogas High School. The road is completely silent and deserted. A soft breeze tickles my face as I walk along the winding roads behind the school. I walk through the empty fields, parking lots, and along the speedbumps. The only sounds are the soft wind blowing the trees and my footsteps beating on the ground. I take more pictures along the way, admiring the scenery.

I make my way around the bend and come to a busy road. The air is suddenly filled with noises. Cars swishing past, kids running around in their yards, and people talking as they walk along the sidewalk. The white silhouette of a walking person indicates my permisson to cross the street. I walk through the middle of the road, glancing at the oncoming cars. I reach the other side and look back at the winding road from which I came.

I continue walking. I travel in a straight line for quite a while, passing houses and business as I go. I eventually reach the street I am looking for: Falcon Way. I turn down the quiet street and pass several houses before coming face to face with Canyon View Jr. High. I take more pictures while touring the perimeter of the school. I think about being inside, doing history assignments. I can deal with spring break a little longer...

I travel home past the houses, streets, neighborhoods, schools, and everything else I passed on the way there. Finally, I turn the corner and back into my cul-de-sac...  I'm happy to be home.


  1. I can totally understand the mixed feelings of breaks from school!

    Thank you for the walk, I feel as if I walked right along with you!

  2. I enjoyed the walk too!! You are a very good writer my dear! Love ya!

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