Friday, April 30, 2010

25 Things that Make Tessa Happy

These are some things that make me very happy. :)
1. When people say "Hello."
I love it when people take a minute to acknowledge my presence. It makes me feel really, really good.
2. Giving hugs
Some people don't like hugs. I love hugs, but don't want to intrude into other's large personal bubbles... But if you give me a hug, great!
3. Smiling
I love making people happy. I very much enjoy it when people smile at me and make sure I know they are feeling good.
4. Straight A's
I guess you could call me a nerd. There has been one term in my life where I haven't been on the high honor roll. I love seeing the beautiful A's on my progress report every week.
5. Taking pictures
I used to use my mom's camera 24/7. I was the "photo queen" at my house. Finally, for my birthday, I got a camera of my very own. I love that thing to death and take bajillions of pictures a week.
6. Going for walks
I feel so relaxed when I walk. It's a perfect time to think, feel, daydream, or maybe just talk to myself.
7. A good book
I've loved reading ever since I was a baby. A really good book is hypnotizing!
8. Getting messages from my crush
End of story.
9. Teasing my friends
We sound really mean if you don't know our inside jokes.
10. Being warm
Sitting under a really thick blanket right next to a heater... Perfect.
11. Laughing
I love laughing. Funny people are my favorite. The only bad thing is that I turn as red as a cherry when I laugh... How embarrassing!
12. When my locker opens on the first try
13. Seeing people you haven't seen in forever
It's especially weird to see teenagers that you haven't seen since they were in first grade. Weird!
14. Drawing cartoons of my friends
Most every one of my school buddies have at least one picture of them somewhere.
15. Compliments
I'm pretty invisible, and compliments mean a great deal to me.
16. Sleepovers
Staying up late + Eating junk food + Laughing until you can't breathe + Watching "chick flicks" + Best friends = Sleepovers :)
17. Writing
Writing stories, blog entries, or whatever.
18. Making people laugh
I love it when I say something funny and my friends start cracking up. It always makes me laugh along with them.
19. Singing
My mom says my life is a musical. I believe her.
20. Exchanging letters/notes
I love it when I read a letter/note for the first time. I feel like my smile can spread off the sides of my face.
21. When cats fall asleep on my lap
I can feel their soft, steady purring against my leg. I softly stroke their back and run my fingers through their silky fur. It's one of the most peaceful moments ever.
22. When a drawing of mine turns out really well
Erasing, re-drawing, erasing, re-drawing, erasing, re-dra---- wait !!! It's PERFECT!
23. Dreaming
I love it when I wake up in the morning and remember a really good dream in full detail.
24. Back or head scratches
A little to the left... no... there..... over, over...... up...... Ahh..... Right there......
25. When everything turns out as planned
When the whole day goes perfectly and smoothly I get the greatest feeling.

I quite enjoyed writing this and thinking about life's joyful moments. Maybe you should realize what makes you happy, too.


  1. What a WONDERFUL list. Just wait till you see people you haven't for a long time become adults! It's always just crazy!

  2. Isn't it great to know that the reason you know those are things you love is that you have all those things in your life and know how to be grateful for them!

    I think I will start my own list...#1. Listening to Tessa tell me about her day and sharing her feelings.

  3. I like the start of that. Even when she rants about guys? ;)

  4. about #9, that is true, If I hardly knew you, I would really have been mean

  5. That's why I don't tease people until I really know them.


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