Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kodak Moment

My camera was no where to be found. Not anywhere. I looked in the couch cushions, all of my purses, the pockets of all of my jeans, my sweatshirts... I tore my entire house apart looking for that bright purple camera. It was absolutely nowhere.

The last time I could remember using it was exactly one year from the day I recieved it-- my birthday. Which was on Sunday and celebrated at home, so I couldn't have left it anywhere other than the house. The whole situation was mind-boggling. Every day I searched some more for my precious camera, but I never found it.

Christmas morning arrived, twenty days after the dissappearance of my camera. I opened my first present. It was a memory card, and a really fancy one at that. My heart ached. I had nothing to contain my new memory card. I continued to open my presents and the last one made my eyes dry out and my hands tremble.

It was a brand new green Kodak digital camera.

It was absolutely gorgeous. Minutes later Janell asked me where her camera was. I had used it when we went to the David Archuleta concert. I was positive I had brought it home in my purse... which I couldn't find. I was back on the search.
"Mom, Tessa lost my camera!" my 23-year-old sister reported to my mother. I looked for my purse like a crazy person. I entered my room to find it on my bed, definately not where it was before. I was confused, but looked inside anyway. There was no camera. I became frantic, I couldn't believe I had lost both mine and my sister's camera!

I dug around everything in sight. Even the bag of props I used for English class. And inside that plastic sack I felt a familiar smooth surface. Out came a bright purple camera. I was happy to see it safe and sound, but I felt so bad. Mom and Dad had bought me a whole new camera, and I had lost Janell's. Now I had two cameras and Janell had lost all of her pictures.

I quietly opened Janell's bedroom door. "Uhh..." I began, but couldn't find the right words to say. I held out my arm, the purple camera dangling from one of my fingers, "I found this... but I looked everywhere for yours."
Janell glanced up at me from her slumped over position on her bed, "I already found it, I raided your purse," she informed me with a chuckle.

I went upstairs to show my mother what I had found. She was surprised but laughed at the thought that I found it the day I got a new one. We decided to compare the two so I wouldn't feel so bad about it. We took identical pictures at the exact same time. The new camera took a faster and better picture with crisp color. I felt better about it and went downstairs.

Now I've got my two cameras, purple and green.

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