Saturday, December 24, 2011


The past few weeks before Christmas break I went crazy. Literally.
There was this guy. We were always just friends but one particularly lonely day I decided I had feelings for him. Then the next day he was just a friend. Then the next day I had feelings for him again. The pattern continued for probably 2 weeks, confusing my poor small brain more than it could stand. At a sleepover at Ally's a few days ago I texted him and told him I kind of liked him. I went on this whole dramatic tangent and felt good that he finally knew. But what do you know? It's Christmas Eve, and he's right back to friend status.
I sent him the most awkward email in the world saying so.

What is wrong with me?


  1. That why you don't tell boys you like them until you are 16 and can date them, rather pointless otherwise.

  2. I somewhat agree with Janell. It is rather pointless to tell boys you like them when you can't date them, and you can avoid awkward moments such as this.

    BUT, It's so much fun when you know someone likes you. I mean, you'd want to know if this boy liked you! Even if he only liked you on and off! It's still flattering, as long as the person doesn't gross you out.

    And nothing is wrong with you. It happens to all of us.


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