Friday, December 30, 2011

The End of Another Year

Last year around this time I was excited for 2010 to be over. I was happy to be leaving behind crummy memories of heartbreak and drama and loneliness that no one wanted to talk about even when I needed to talk. I knew the next year would be different, as they all are. For better or worse... and hoping for better... I was ready for it.

This year I feel different. Like I haven't really accomplished anything. (Except get fatter. Which isn't actually an accomplishment at all.) It frustrates me. I'm not ready for the new year this year. I feel like I've procrastinated and need some sort of due date to be extended so I can do something important before the year's over. When I actually look back, a lot of good things have happened this year. So why do I feel so empty?

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