Friday, March 9, 2012

Dinner Time

We sit around the dinner table eating something that has no wheat, sugar, or pasteurized dairy. Everyone compliments Mom on her amazing cooking. I ask my parents how their days at work were and ask them to say 5 good things about their day. After they come up with a few I rattle off 6 or 7 really good or really bad things about mine. Braden begs everyone to either play Uno with him or take him to the Orem Recreational Center. We throw food scraps at the dog and when we don't she sits under the table waiting. I run through every event of my day in detail and update the family on my social life. They all basically ignore me, but I don't really care. Janell comes in from working at the horse barn. She smells like alfalfa and dust. She gets in the shower. We finish dinner while Mom and Dad discuss political matters and Braden and I have staring contests with doofy faces across the table. We discuss our individual and collective schedules for the week. After dinner we clean up the kitchen and clear off the table.

We are family.

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