Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheater Pants

I felt ridiculous practically laying on top of my Earth Systems test.  My free hand covered as much of the answers as it possibly could. Anything to just have one paper--just one--that the answers were ONLY mine, and not copied word for word by the girl next to me. Her and her annoying laugh and attention-starved headset and the fact that she thought we were best friends. It was only about two weeks into the new semester, but I already had her figured out. She was a cheater.
When I got to the end of the test I no longer had enough arm to cover up my paper. There went her curious eyes that could never seem to leave my side of the desk. I watched, extremely irritated, as she quickly wrote down the answer that wasn't covered up by my arm. It was super obvious considering she wrote it down before she answered the five questions before it. I finished the test and turned over the paper before she could see my last answer.

What were the odds that she was seated next to me in every class I had with her? It drove me insane.
Nearing the end of the term it was no secret to anyone that knew me that I did not like that girl. But with only a few class periods left of Term 3, I decided to just wait until we got new seating charts for Term 4.

In the first class I had with her we got to choose our seats. I left her side with lightening speed and moved a few rows up. I was happy for about two seconds before I realized the seat next to me was, moments later, taken by little Miss Cheater Pants.
Of course.
I had a little more hope in my last class of the day when we were being assigned new seats. But once the seating chart was given, you can imagine my horror when I looked up to see her right in front of me. I tried to comfort myself. It's okay, she can't even see you, she's sitting IN FRONT of you.
But it didn't last long. We took a test, and while I was confidently circling A, B, C, or D, someone in front of me wasn't feeling as confident. Big shock. There she went. Her head slowly twitched and then turned. She craned her neck and her eyes locked with my paper. Once she found what she wanted she whipped her head back around as if it never happened.
I will NOT take one more day of this, I said to myself, and sure enough, after the bell rang, I couldn't even force myself to leave. I stood firmly planted on the floor next to my teacher's desk.
"_______'s a cheater," I said matter-of-factly. "She's been cheating off me all semester. Will you please move us apart?"
My understanding teacher said she would and I felt a sense of victory. I don't even care who I sit by next Monday, as long as it isn't her.

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