Tuesday, March 29, 2011

iHome Misfortune

I jerked awake to a clatter. 2:00 in the morning. My sagging eyes glanced up in concern around my head where I heard the sound. My headboard was empty. My iHome was gone.
Confused, I turned my head, scanning for the silver object. It was on the floor next to my bed, upside down. I picked it up, set it back on my headboard, and realized something else was missing. I then found my iPod under my night stand and plugged it back in before pulling my sheets back over my shoulders and falling peacefully asleep.

My eyes opened. Beeping. What? My iHome was set to play my iPod in the morning rather than horrendous repetetive beeps. I stopped the noise and carefully studied the electronic box.
The jack where you plug in your iPod was bent. Dad tried to fix it, but it didn't help at all. My iHome was broken.

After a brief investigation we concluded I must have thrown my iHome on the floor in the night. It couldn't have fallen because it was pushed far back into my headboard. There was no other way. I wasn't happy with the results. Of course my most expensive possesion broke because I threw in on the floor in my sleep. I mean, come on! Worst. Luck. Ever.

I complained to my mother of my major misfortune and she said when I have the money, we'll split the price on a new iHome. At this point it looks like I need fifty dollars, and I only have twenty five. I have a ways to go.

Lessons Learned
1. Don't throw your iHome on the ground
2. Have more money saved up than twenty bucks
3. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

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