Saturday, March 12, 2011

My College Love Life

My Studio Art class and I were on a field trip to the Carl Block Museum at BYU. Before starting our tour, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat.

We were running late with only about five minutes to stand in line, pay, eat, and get back to the front of the building. The first place I saw was an ice cream shop and I figured I shouldn't waste any more time wandering around.

I approached the counter to look up into the sparkly blue eyes of a young, blonde college boy. "What would you like today?" He asked with a sweet smile as he studied my face.
"One small sundae, please. Vanilla ice cream with caramel and fudge sauce," I smiled back at him.
He turned to his coworker, "How many scoops are in a small sundae?"
"One," she replied.
Two scoops went into my bowl.
The boy covered my ice cream with sauces with occasional glances my way. He held the bowl over the counter. "Do you want more than that?" His sideways flirtatious smile convinced me to say yes. He poured more and more sauce over the now massive sundae, finishing it off my topping the entire bowl with whipped cream.
We had a small exchange and as I was paying for my "small" sundae, his sideways smile came back. "Sooo, what classes did you have today?"
I shuffled my feet, "Well... I'm actually a Jr High student on a field trip with my Studio Art class."
The sparkle in his eye dulled, confused for a breif moment, "Oh," he smiled again, "Fun, what are you guys doing up here?"
"We're visiting the Carl Block museum."
"Have a nice day."
I collected my change and speed walked away, trying to finish my ice cream as fast as I could. Outside I finished the remains of the vanilla and had to throw away half a bowl full of caramel and fudge sauce due to lack of time.

I found one of my fellow classmatesand told her my romantic story of the nameless ice cream boy. She laughed, "He thought you were a college student, didn't he?" We laughed about it the rest of the way around the bend to join our class.

I can't wait to be in college. :)

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  1. haha! love it.

    Once an RM, who I met online, who KNEW I was still in high school, asked me out on a date. The date was very awkward. I guess he wasn't THAT much older than me but it was still weird. But you being in Jr. High makes you experience even weirder. lol.


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