Saturday, June 18, 2011


I swear nightmares never go away. Ever since I recently had this super creepy dream, being left alone in the evenings had put me on edge. Getting out of the shower one night, I zipped down the stairs and stood in my room, shivering in a towel and hoping I don't get randomly murdered while in my room alone.

I hate this feeling, I thought to myself. I was truely afraid of something that didn't even exist. It was just a silly dream that disappeared when I woke up the next morning. I quickly got dressed and headed upstairs to brush my wet hair. As the brush ran through the tangles, I had an idea.

I glanced away from the mirror to see my purple iPod laying on the counter. I'm grateful for music, I began, and ways for people to express themselves that are enjoyed by others. I looked back in the mirror. I'm grateful for clothes. To keep me warm, comfortable, modest, and confident.
I step out of the bathroom to see my family all huddled on the couch watching a movie. I'm grateful for my family, and the love and peace we share on nights like this.

I skipped down the stairs back into my room. I'm grateful for this bedroom. The room I always wanted. And for my bed that I can curl into every night and feel right at home. For the quiet time every night I have to just think.
I began to speak aloud. "I'm grateful for the sun that rises every morning, decorating the sky and providing warmth."

I pranced around the room, declaring my thankfulness for nearly every item in the room. I was grateful for slippers, books, the scriptures, blankets, and many other various objects that sat around my bedroom.

When I finally crawled into bed, I felt better than ever and fell fast asleep. It really was a blessing for me. I'm grateful for that, too.


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    Sister Francom

  2. I am grateful for a bright, beautiful daughter who so often follows her heart and finds just what she needs there.

  3. I used to sleep in John's room, even in Jr. High, because of a scary story I heard in elementary. The story kept popping into my mind and would freak me out.


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