Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm reading a book.

I started reading before Kindergarten. And even when I could barely even speak I followed my family around the house saying, "Book!" while pulling the puppy eyes.

In first grade I was at a fourth or fifth grade reading level and continued to grow. At the end of sixth grade I had the highest reading level in my class and had highest WPM when reading aloud. I always loved to read. I dug through book after book, series after series, and was often found at the library. Last summer I read nine different novels, about a book a week (excluding camps and the week before school) .

Then came eigth grade Accelerated English class.

It seemed like we were always assigned books. Boring ones. Really boring ones. Now, I'll say I'm a good reader, but when it comes  to something boring, it gets awfully hard to finish. Most of the books I never ended up reading the end of the book and read just enough to have the information needed to gets A's the tests.
But because it took me so horribly long to read each one, I didn't spend a single second of leisure reading for seven to eight months. And for a while, it seemed like I had completely lost my love for books.

Near the end of eigth grade, one of my friends sent me home with a stack of ten books she wanted me to read. I sat down with the first, Austenland by Shannon Hale, and it felt right to be holding a good book again. Crumpled up on the couch, I plowed through it. I then started a series of 3 dystopian books; Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. With Uglies I discovered that I can hardly ever sit at the kitchen table without a book. Every morning at breakfast I ate while reading, and read long after I was done eating. I brought a book to school with me every day from then on, right until the end. I finished the Uglies series with the start of summer and the next day I read Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever in a matter of hours. On to The Hunger Games!

I guess I've found my love for reading again. And the truth is, I'm glad to have it back. :)


  1. Glad you found the love for reading back! I wish I was as smart as you Tessa!

    Lindsey Francom

  2. TESSA! first I must say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! every time i read it i feel almost like i'm there with there with you! its cRaZy!! but anyways the hunger games is AMAZING!! you will love it! you will worship it! well not really! But still! oh and the twilight saga! those are fantasic books! love you tessa!
    <3 sam!


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