Saturday, July 2, 2011


At the beginning of eighth grade I promised my friend I'd do Falcon Idol, the singing competition at our school. But of course I chickened out and she made me swear on my life I'd do it in ninth grade.

During the summer the Scera Shell Theatre does a singing competition called "Celebrity" and my friend suggested I compete in it to prepare myself for Falcon Idol. After my short solo in the choir concert, I figured I have a bit of an idea what it feels like and decided to give it a try. I turned my papers in and waited. On the form I was required to list two songs I was willing to sing and the band was to send me an email of which song I was singing of the two.

For weeks I was freaking out that by the time I got the email, I would have hardly any time to practice because I have a pioneer trek the weekend before the week of the competition.

Today I received the email. "Tessa," it began, "Thanks for signing up to compete in Celebrity! We see that you are registered to compete on July 13th. The song we will be able to play for you will be Make You Feel My Love by Adele. . ." The message gave further details but I didn't pay as much attention because two milliseconds later I was printing out the lyrics for some hard-core studying.

11 days... I thought. I was getting more nervous by the second as the reality set in, Oh boy. There are no practices with the band beforehand, so I'll just have to use YouTube for my practice sessions.

If you'd like to come, it's July 13, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. at the Scera Shell Outdoor Theatre, 699 South State, Orem, Utah. Admission is $4 for Adults, $3 for Child (age 3-11), Students (with ID) and Seniors (65+).

This is going to be intense.


  1. That sounds awesome Tess! I'll try and come if I can. You're so brave!


  2. you are going to be AMAZING!!! tessa, you are beast at singing!!! i will so be there!! -Ally


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