Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Adventures

June was probably the lamest summer month ever. I didn't do anything. Ally and I just sat around on her leather couches all day proposing adventurous ideas such as sitting on the teeter-totter in her backyard.

But July was different. The first week of July I got phone calls from five different friends in one day. Here's some other things I've done.
Got bored one day. Tied Braden up with yarn. Why not?

Had a late-night after Celebrity with some crazy girls.

Went to the mall with Ally and hugged a cardboard Justin Bieber.

Went to the mall with my cute neighbor-friends and tried on some hot lip gloss.

Harry Potter. 'Nough said.

Started drawing more.

Watched Andrea swing.

 Pushed Andrea in the swing.

 Hung out with my (AMAZING) sister and took pictures of Andrea in the swing.

Got a phone!!!!!!!!! :D
(For any of you who desire my number, you might already have it. We no longer have a house phone. The home phone number is now mine.)

I'm sure August holds futures adventures, and I certainly look forward to it!

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  1. haha, it looks like Andrea was your favorite part.


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