Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here I was, finally in my bed. Snuggled under my covers I had no way of knowing sleep would bring the first showing of my now-reoccurring nightmare.
I sat at the edge of a V-shaped cliff with my childhood best friend, Laura. We sat and ate on a picnic blanket until a few of her friends showed up. We, of course, made room for them and they sat down and began to eat with us. Soon more and more people came to the picnic. They were all talking among themselves. It was like I didn't exist. It wasn't long until there were so many people I was squeezed out of the circle and fell over the edge of the cliff, my old best friend becoming a spec in the distant sky.
I hit the water, attempting to keep myself above the surface with little success. Finally I washed up on shore. I glanced back at the mountain, my heart broken.

I picked myself up and began to walk. There was only one place I could go; Ally's house. I walked miles and miles all the way to her house. Exhausted, I turned the corner to find her house looking a lot different. Giant pillars of the white building towered over the entire cul-de-sac. It looked just like Maeser Academy. She sat on the porch with several teenagers I didn't recognize. They laughed and as I approached they didn't even look at me. Before I could have time to cry I ran away from her "house" as fast as I could.

I found myself at the home of my other best friend, Sam. I knocked on the door of her apartment to find a large hairy man on the other side, slowing chewing on a disgusting looking burger. I asked him where Sam's family was, and he told me they had moved to California. My world stopped spinning. I didn't say anything more to the hairy man, just walked slowly home, unbelieving that I had just lost all of my best friends.

I awoke feeling very upset. It was 5:00 in the morning, but I knew there was no going back to sleep.

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  1. My! Thats the saddest dream I have ever heard! Im sorry hun :(


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