Monday, September 24, 2012


The last time we spoke was September 8th.
That was supposed to be a happy weekend. I went to a birthday party and had a sleepover.
The next morning I was texting him.
We threw insults at each other left and right.
That was when I dropped my phone in my cereal bowl of milk.
I stopped replying.
Today I had a weak moment.
I searched his name in the Facebook search bar,
but he wasn't there.
Did he delete his Facebook?
I hacked into my mom's account.
I searched his name in the Facebook search bar.
There he was.
He didn't delete his Facebook. He blocked me.
I clicked on his name. I teared up.
"Why do you care?" you ask. "You're not even friends anymore."
But to be completely honest with you,
I know I may never see him again, and I know he hates me, and I know we're both moving on with our lives,
But I will always care.
And someday when we're both older and more mature, I will call him up and say, "I'm really sorry about September 8th, and all the days before that."
Maybe then he will unblock me from his Facebook.
Maybe then... just maybe... he will unblock me from his life.

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