Saturday, September 8, 2012


My day started when I dropped my phone in my milk.
I gasped loudly, fished my phone out from it's swim with Reese's Puffs, and tried it dry it out the best I could.
It still doesn't work right.

I walked home from Ally's house. My hair was greasy and I was wearing yoga pants and a sweaty T-shirt. I was texting my ex-"friend". We had a huge fight, during which some really harsh things were said.

I got home, vacuumed every square inch of my room (even the ceiling), and went in the bathroom to take a much needed shower.
When I stepped inside, I discovered a spider that was seriously the size of my palm. It was HUGE.
Obviously enough, I ran out of the bathroom faster than Usain Bolt.
And to my horror (again), outside of the bathroom was a 23-year-old guy that was helping my sister move.
And all I was wearing was a towel.
I hid in my room until my dad was finished killing Spiderzilla. In those few minutes I thought my heart was going to fail me. In an attempt to calm down, I bit the side of my finger until it had a sore.

My entire family is in a bad mood.

This day hasn't turned out as planned.

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