Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today in Computer Tech I was daydreaming.

I imagined myself 19 years old, living in my own apartment that I decorated with pictures. I have a fat cat that I cuddle on my red couches. I have a boyfriend that I met at work. We make popcorn and watch The Avengers together and pet my cat. When I go to family dinners I get to sit at the adult table and people actually listen to what I have to say. I have money to go to the movies with my friends and a car to drive wherever I want.

What a charming life I will have!

It's moments like that I just want to skip high school.


  1. Don't count on that whole adult table thing. I'm 25 and still condemned to the status of 2nd class citizen. You won't get it at 19.

  2. And most apartments don't allow pets. And you won't have money because your minimum wage job just barely covers your bills. And the cheap car you have keeps breaking down and has to be towed periodically when banging on the starter with a hammer quits working. Which also eats away at all that money you don't have to buy a red couch. #storyofmylife Oh well. Your boyfriend is cute and that makes up for it. ;)

  3. Day dreams are fun things, we just can't get those confused with goals. You can have those things (maybe not at 19) but day dreaming won't make that happen at any age, work will. As far as sitting at the adult table...I would happily trade you places with any of you girlies if you want to be the one refilling everyone's water, getting the extra napkins and making sure everyone has what they need. Just sayin'


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