Friday, February 8, 2013

The Ride Home

The bell rang. It was 2:15 on a Friday afternoon, I was itching to get home, but I remembered something: I forgot my coat in Biology. I treaded down the 700 hall to find the classroom door locked. Outside the glass doors of the school looked like the beginnings of a blizzard. The last time I walked home in weather like that I ended up looking like this:

I wasn't looking forward to it, and definitely not without a coat. I went looking for the lost and found just to make sure my teacher hadn't taken it there. The main office redirected me to the attendance office, and the attendance office redirected me to the principal / the keeper of all keys. He held the door open for me at the door leading out of the office, so I seized the opportunity to tell him about my situation. He didn't even hesitate as he happily and swiftly started down the hallway. I trailed behind and watched him enthusiastically greet every student who made eye contact with him. He unlocked the door and I retrieved my coat from my desk where I had left it. I thanked him and left the school.
Still eager to get home, I put Radioactive on my iPod and walked briskly accross the parking lot. A car in front of me was gesturing in my general direction, but I'm pretty used to being invisible, so I assumed it was for someone behind me. My music was pretty loud, but after a couple seconds I could understand the word "Tessa." I took my earphones out and said something along the lines of "Oh... hey!" It was the sister of one of my old friends. She offered me a ride home. I got in the back side of the car and talked with her and her mom on the drive to my house. To be honest... I've always had a mini crush on her little brother / "one of my old friends." I asked how he was doing. They asked me if I had his number, and I said he hasn't replied to my texts in a while. When they said he recently changed his number... I tried not to sound too excited. I had been a little bummed that he hadn't been replying. His sister asked for my number and said she would give it to him. I thanked them profusely for the ride home, and I was just secretly grateful for the phone number thing. The whole situation just made my day.

And guess what? None of it would have happened if I hadn't left my coat in Biology.

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