Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

So many posts, so little time. (for frequent followers of my blog, you can go back to the previous post, "Writers Block" for updates on recent events)

It seems today is Mothers Day. This morning I woke up to the sound of my mother knocking at my door and mentioning in a calm tone, "20 minutes until church starts." 20 MINUTES?!?! I quickly got up and urgently started to throw my Sunday clothes on, grumbling about how my mom should've woken me up earlier. Later I realized that she didn't have to have woken me up at all, and I wouldn't have made it to the church building at 8:30 when the meeting started and would have had to walk to the church and down the aisle to our front-row seats in front of the whole ward. Thank you mother. I'm such an idiot.

My mom became a mother in June of 1987, when my older brother and sister, Steven and Janell, came into her life. She is one of obvious skill considering she has never only had one child. Two years later in June of 1989 came my lovely sister, Kayla. Now my mother had three children under the age of three to watch, feed, and clothe. She nurtured and took care of these children until seven years later, one gorgeous day in December of 1996 when I entered my amazing family. The last of the herd was my not-so-much-baby brother, Braden, born in July of 1999.
My mom has been with us crazies for almost 23 years. I'm so happy to have her with us every day of the year, helping and guiding us along the way. I have an amazing mother. She always listens and is supportive in everything that her children do. She teases me, makes me laugh, and teaches me new skills every day.
I love you, Mom!!!


  1. I love you too, ladybug! Sorry about that whole Church thing. I am just so accustomed to you taking care of getting up on your own. I am blessed to have the world's best 13 year old! Having such a wonderful daughter has made me a "lazy" mother. I will try to pick up the slack and be a more worthy parental unit.

  2. This was very sweet. Mother's really are the best!


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