Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jana is Back!

As some of you might have heard, my iPod, by the name of Jana, was having some technical difficulties. Some of which were "The White Screen of DEATH" so called by the Apple workers. We decided to send Jana in to the Apple Store to be resurrected.

One or two long weeks went by as Jana chilled in New York. One night I REALLY wanted to listen to music and my sister bestowed upon me a CD player. I hadn't touched one of these for two to three years. I inserted a CD, plugged in my headphones, and started cooking dinner. I'd forgotten how GINORMOUS CD players were. The buttons were in weird places and I couldn't fit it in my pocket. I carefully laid the huge music player down on the counter as I stirred my goop. Whenever it was time to make some different goop to stir into the original, I had to gather more ingredients. I started walking away from the counter when my earphones were suddenly yank out of my ears and onto the floor. I looked over and sure enough, the CD player was still on the counter. That thing is so heavy! I struggled with it for about ten minutes before surrendering. I really, really want my iPod, I thought dismally.

After morning after morning of "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" I was pretty sure I was going crazy. Then one day after school my mom said "Your iPod is arriving at FedEx today between 5:30 and 6:00. We can go get it then or wait for it to be delivered to our house tomorrow." "TODAY!!! Let's go get it right now!!!!!" I threw on my shoes and was out the door before you could say "Jana." I was hopping excitedly in my seat the whole drive. We finally pulled in to the beautiful parking lot... I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating. We had a card that had our package number and the name of the driver on it. Our driver's name was Chris Stone. Several people flooded in the small office. The postal workers would ask them who their driver was and each one would reply, "Chris Stone," and then the postal workers would roll their eyes and reply, "Ohh... Chris." Apparently Chris was frequently late. We waited in the cramped room until well after 6:00. It was silent besides the Mexican lady talking gibberish into her cell phone, and the sound of the doors opening and closing. The doors obviously had a problem because although no one was in the doorway, they kept opening halfway and back closed again. It was blowing in quite a breeze and making a really obnoxious noise. We heard a truck. Everyone stopped to look outside. It was CHRIS STONE! Packages flowed in and box after box I would wonder if Jana was in it. Then I heard my name. "Tessa Hatchett," droned a very bored-looking worker. I marched proudly over to the counter. She handed me one of those puffy orange envelopes and I clutched it in between my two hands, soaking in the moment. I wanted to remember everything about that office. Even all of the creepy old people who worked behind the counter. We got back in the car. My hands were on fire. I slowly unsealed the flap and slipped my hand inside the envelope. I pulled out a small white box... Finally. I unwrapped my precious iPod one layer at a time, the intensity growing. Finally, I folded out the bubble wrap and... Aaaah !The heavenly choirs in my head were singing. Jana was shiny, Jana was beautiful, Jana didn't have that little dent by the lock button-- Jana was a different Jana. The letter from Apple explained that my iPod was permanently dead and that they sent in a replacement for me. :))) What a deal! Why buy a new iPod for $150 dollars when you can replace it for $90?! This was turning out to be a good day.

Jana is doing very well now and once again sings to me at 6:00 in the morning. She keeps me company when I do the dishes and when I walk home from school. She helps me clean my bathroom and comforts me when I am sad. Whoever invented the iPod is my HERO!


  1. You are sure a great writer. I have had fun reading your blog. I don't know if you can access our blog, but it is at I love your i-pod's name. :)

  2. This is funny Tessa! I am so glad you have her back!

    BTW, You remember tape players? CD's were in their height of popularity when I was about your age! And they were pretty awesome at the time!


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