Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here We Are.

What did I tell you? Of course there's a first day of school post.

I entered the school fully equipped with my pillow binder and Justin Bieber notebook.The day went by pretty normally. It felt like just a week ago I was doing the same thing; roaming the halls, getting a billion hugs a day, writing notes, and spending "five years" at my locker (as my guyfriends put it. They don't understand my major need for primping after 3 periods of everyone trying to braid my hair.).

As you know, we're pretty much the top dogs this year. Ninth grade is going to be awesome.
A1 World Geography was boring.. nothing else to say about it.
A2 Honors English was awesome, not to mention I have a thousand friends in that class and my teacher is hilarious.
A3 Spanish 4 was surprising. There's only 9 people in that class including me... It's gonna be a fun year.
Lunch was pretty exciting. I found my baby brother and introduced him to my posse (i.e. four guys and a girl--all taller than me). We harassed him cause his only good friend so far had a different lunch so he was flyin' solo.
A4 was P.E. I've never liked that class a single day of my life.

Tomorrow's supposed to be the better day of the two, though, so I'm expecting great things. Yeah. This year is gonna' be beast.


  1. OH my! I totally hate PE too! We are twinners!!! and Im in love with your jb notebook! i begged my mom to let me get one but she wouldnt buy one for me!

  2. I hate PE too! I kinda wish I liked working out though, I'd probably be a lot healthier with a hotter body.

    And when you're older you're going to be slightly embarrassed about your bieber fever.


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