Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Are You?

In English class we were assigned to write a paper about what we are. Yes, WHAT, not who.
And because all of you lovely souls are obviously bored of something to do, I have decided to bless you with that very thing. Here is my paper.

"What am I? Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. After being asked this very question I put the rest of the afternoon into figuring it out. I did come out with a few answers of which I will now share with you.
      I am a lover. In other words I can’t imagine life without my friends and get a bit attached to them. Unfortunately this particular quality has caused me a lot of grief, not to mention too much drama for my taste.
I am a klutz. I would probably trip on a paperclip if you set it in the right spot.
       I am a shower singer. Footnotes is my favorite class (no offense Ms. Moe). I once sang in a singing competition in which I forgot some of my lyrics and shook like an earthquake the entire time. I’m pretty much traumatized for life. But still my poor family is treated to their own loud obnoxious concert every time I shower. Also every time I cook, clean, walk up and down the stairs, tie my shoes, draw, listen to music, or do homework...
       I am a fluent speaker of sarcasm and Spanglish. My conversations at home often include pointless and non-offensive insults with the few random Spanish words I happen to know.
       I am a “Belieber” (i.e. a Justin Bieber fan).
       I am 90% extrovert and 10% introvert. I have many friends and love to talk and share my opinions. But when placed in a large group of strange people all expecting me to say something relatively intelligent, I tend to get bit shy.
       I am a girly nerd. For further explanation, I take the advanced classes at school, but instead of playing video games I paint nails.
       I’m a weirdo. So just deal with it."


  1. I told you I was a blog stlaker! holy cow! anyway... Kay so(Guta) your like amazing at writing papers! Im sooo jealous!


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