Monday, August 22, 2011


Sooo I was surfing through my blog dashboard. And I found a magic button called "Stats". It was quite the shocker. Total views on my blog= (Drumroll please)... 9,175. And since I'm a math geek I divided that number by the total number of blog posts, which is 149, and if we're assuming each blog post was read an equal amount of times, that would mean each post has been seen approximately 61 times. HOLY CRAP.

After this little discovery I added my followers to any frequent commenters that don't officially follow my blog, and I got to 26. It's crazy to think that 26 people read my pathetic rants and pointless stories. I LOVE YOU GUYS. And I'm glad you're slightly entertained.You all made my day. I'm glad there's always someone listening, and knowing people actually read 
this makes me never want to stop blogging. School starts this week, so come back to check for a few interesting stories. :)

Awh, you guys are just so awesome. :')


  1. Just to let you know all of YOUR posts make MY day! your awesome Tessa.... and I know Im a blog stalker soory... :)

  2. I read just about every post.


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