Friday, December 28, 2012

How Embarrassing.

I check my blog stats every once in a while.
Blogger lets you see what people have been Googling to get to your blog.
On that lovely list of Google searches, along with Harry Styles and goat wrestling, was the name of my seventh grade crush.
I was and still am slightly horrified.
Mainly because when it was all over, I spent DAYS deleting his name out of my posts. DAYS.
But today I discovered, to my disgust, there were a few that I missed. (Which I quickly edited.)
I'm just so embarrassed.
I can delete the name or entire posts all day, but I can never delete the past. Even though I REALLY wish I could right now.
At CVJH I felt like that whole thing that happened in 7th grade was part of my reputation, and when I went to Timpanogos, it was like I had finally escaped it.
But apparently I didn't get far enough away, and it followed me all the way here, up to this horribly embarrassing moment.
I'm sick of these memories catching up to me every time I run away.

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  1. Just own it, Tessa! Be like, "Yeah girrrl. I totes had a mad crush on that dude for a while. LOL! So redonk, ya know what I'm throwing down, home dawg?" If you're confident and own it, no one can use it as ammunition some day.


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