Friday, January 25, 2013

My Devious Mind

Some people are really good at pranks, but I'm not because either I can't be mean enough to play one OR I giggle so much that I give it away. It's so sad.
Well one lovely day during school a few weeks ago, I came up with what I thought was the funniest prank ever. My friends and I all write notes to each other every day. I wrote my friend Brenda a fake note that was really just a folded piece of paper filled with hundreds of tiny shreds of more paper. I was to give the note to Brenda and laugh hysterically as paper exploded in a violent snowstorm all over her while she raged in confetti-covered fury.
How it actually went was this: I handed Brenda the note, practically beaming with anticipation. She opened it, holding it horizontally. She looked down at the small pile of papers on her fake note, looked up at me, and said "What the heck??" I chuckled awkwardly, secretly incredibly bummed that not a single flake of paper had touched Brenda's outfit. I told the entire group friends about my prank and they all laughed at me and the fact that it was the stupidest prank ever.
They thought that was the end of it. But oh, no. This week I was back with a new and improved evil plan, and this time, it was going to work. [insert villianous laughter here]
I have Seminary with Ale. The class period before, in Biology, I wrote her a note. Once again, I shredded tiny pieces of paper. But this time, there was more of them, and I rolled them into tiny little balls so they couldn't clump up. It took an hour, but finally, with my letter carefully folded, my setup was complete. I gave her the letter right after class, but she immediately pocketed it. I was sad I didn't get to see the turnout, so I put my phone on vibrate instead of silent just in case she opened it during Seminary.
For what seemed like forever I was haunted by the image of my prank failing for the second time. I would never live that down. But then, my pocket buzzed. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I opened the message, "YOUR LETTER JUST EXPLODED ALL OVER ME THANKS A LOT" I felt as if I had just won the lottery. I imagined her sitting in her desk, when suddenly, just as I had planned, paper exploded from the note in a violent snowstorm all over her while she raged in confetti-covered fury.  I was so proud and amused at what I had done, that in the effort to stifle outrageous laughter, I had a loud coughing fit in front of the entire class.

...It was so worth it.

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