Monday, June 21, 2010

A Compliment, J-walking, and a Lot of Heat.

Of course, I went on a walk today. I walked to Canyon View. I really need to be less schoolsick and enjoy my free time. I knew I wouldn't see anyone there, but something inside me wanted me to go.
On my way there I was walking along the swerving road behind Timpanogas High School, and I decided to cross the road. No, I wasn't on a crosswalk, but there were no cars. I made it halfway across and then a car started coming quickly. I stood in the middle lane between the yellow lines, the hairs on my arms standing up. The woman in the car saw me. She stopped. I was rather puzzled by this, considering I was not really supposed to be there in the middle of the road in the first place. But she waved and smiled, and I walked across in front of her. She was still smiling and her son gave me a "sup" nod. I smiled back at them, waved, and continued down the sidewalk gratefully.
It wasn't long before I reached an intersection on a busier road where I pressed the crosswalk button and waited on the corner for the signal. Three girls rounded the corner. I'd seen them before, but was sure they had no idea who I was. The middle girl surveyed me up and down before saying, "You look pretty." I blushed and my voice died. I mumbled, "Thanks!" feeling rather giddy by this unexpected compliment. Me, pretty? I thought. But I couldn't help but grin.
I reached 600 East [otherwise known as Falcon Way] and started my stroll down the street. The sun beat down on my head, making my hair feel hot. I sat down on the hill in front of the side of the school. The familiar trees comforted me and I felt like I was at my second home. I desired to walk in those doors, open my locker, write notes to Ansalee, and sit in Advanced English while staring dreamily at Teric. All of the memories felt so distant, so out-of-reach. I thought and thought until I stood up from the quiet hill and started my long journey back home.

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  1. Just remember, you have many more memories to come!


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