Friday, June 11, 2010

SuMmEr FeSt ! ! !

Ally and I woke up from our sleepover with an idea. We were SO going to Summer Fest!
We got dressed, did our makeup and hair, and left in the car with Ally's mom and three brothers. The festivities didn't start until 2:00, so we stopped at a shaved ice shack to get a treat. Blue Raspberry is the best flavor in the world, but it sure makes you blue. Literally. I wiped and wiped my lips but the blue would not come off without a fight. We decided to stop at Ally's house before going to the carnival. I ran into her bathroom and rubbed more at my lips and teeth with water. I absolutely COULD NOT go into public with blue lips. Finally, after a ridiculous amount of scrubbing, I removed all artificial color from my mouth.

We arrived at the Orem City Park. We were greeted rather loudly by this weirdo clown who was chilling in a booth waiting for someone to dunk him in the water. No one wanted to get near him because he was so disturbing and obnoxious. He made fun of anyone who walked by and after every 'joke' he would break into a fit of terrible laughter. He has THE CREEPIEST laugh EVER. "Haw ha hah haw hak!!" Eww. **shudder**

We stood in line to get our tickets. When we got to the front the lady who did the tickets was kind of scary looking. She was most likely a smoker, cuz' she was really... sad looking. We each got ten tickets and headed off for the rides. The first ride we went on was the "Star Trooper." On this ride you sit on a super fat swing and it rotates around the center so fast that you stick beyond horizontally out of the middle. That thing was so fast... every muscle in my body tightened to the point I couldn't move AT ALL. Ally and I screamed enthusiastically as it spun around. Once the ride spun forward a bajillion times it spun backwards. It messed up our hair quite a bit. Well... we pretty much looked like hobos.

The next ride we went on was called the "Gravitron." In this ride you stepped inside a large room shaped like a diamond. You leaned back against the walls and the room spun. It spun so crazily that it lifted you off the ground and pressed you to the padded walls of the room. It felt like you were being squished against the walls by heavy trucks or something. Although very uncomfortable, it felt like you were on laughing gas. With my arms pinned firmly to my sides, Ally and I laughed our hearts out. I'm still not even sure what was funny. The ride finally ended and everyone fell to the ground, shaking from dizziness. We walked out of the room and immediately looked at each other, "LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!" The next minute we were back in the large room full of crazy laughing people.

After using all of our tickets on spinny rides, we stumbled accross the feild to the bathroom for a rest stop. **GRUMBLE... flash of bright light** Rainstorm. You got that right. June 11... RAIN! What is this!?!?!?


  1. It's not just the rain, it's the freezing coldness! It IS crazy!

    I'm glad you had fun at the Summer Fest. I should've taken Max but I didn't realize it was so early. I was thinking in July sometime. Anyway, I'm glad you had fun- and I am glad you go that artificial BLUE color off of your mouth!

  2. Oh fun girl times! They are the best! My lips are blue all summer from shaved ice. It's my favorite!


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