Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sleep Deprivation

I guess there are life lessons in everything we do, right? Well, this week I learned that I go a bit crazy if I don't sleep for two weeks in a row.

When I'm worried or upset about something I can't sleep well at night. I've been quite upset. Tuesday I broke down and cried. I needed someone to talk to. I wanted school to start again so I could have the company of friends, people who understand how I'm feeling. But there was no one there to give me their shoulder. I just smeared mascara all over my pillow by myself.

Also, the fact that I've been staying up past midnight most every night has helped that, too. And that my family eats breakfast together early in the morning and we don't sleep in.

Though, the point is, I'm tired.

And hyper.

So, my sister, Kayla, and my best friend, Laura, and I decided to have a "girl date." First, we went and bought a 5 buck pizza and had a picnic in the park. We were pleasured in listening to a tone-deaf jogger run around the track singing. We hung out in the grass until we left for Macey's grocery store to buy some more junk food.
We approached the Deli section where you can get ice cream cones. Kayla and I ordered mediums and Laura got a large. The guy at the counter was lacking in cone skills and all of our ice cream cones were lopsided and leaned over to one side. We walked around the store, licking our ice cream happily. Finally we each bought a soda and left the store.
We sang heartily in the car while driving to Windsor Elementary. Kayla led the way to the playground where we swung on the swings and gulped our soda. We got really hyper and told each other funny stories of things that happened during school. Then Kayla got a genius idea. "I'm going to go tan my legs." She layed down on the slide and pulled up her pant leg. Her leg shone fluorescent white and Laura and I shielded our eyes from the extreme brightness. She looked at us, "See, my legs are so tan... I pretty much look like a black man." One more glance at her pale legs and we burst out laughing. We joked around and "played" on the playground the rest of the afternoon.

The rest of the week I was giddy and unusually happy. I jumped out at people and exclaimed random things to my family members. They were starting to get annoyed with me, seeing as none of them were in such a mood.

Friday night came. On this night I was having a slumber party at Ally's house for her birthday party. At 9:00 all nine of us girls piled into the car to go see Toy Story 3. We decided to be illegal and put two girls in the trunk, three in the back seats, and sandwiched four girls in the middle seats. It was supposed to take about 20 minutes to get to the theater, but we got stuck in traffic. CRAZY traffic. Instead it took us an HOUR and thirty minutes to get there.
Being stuck [rather tightly] in a car, we tried to come up with entertaining things to do. We played random games and had random conversations. I was talking to my friend Ale for a while. At one point she said something I mistook for "You're such a bacon." I still don't even know what she said, but we used that the rest of the night. "Sami, you're a bacon." "Ohh... I am?"
After the movie we drove back home and tried not to fall asleep in the car. We arrived at Ally's house and set up our bedding in the floor of her theater room.
We all were side by side in a huge pile of blankets, floor padding, and teenage girls. We laughed, ate M&Ms, called each other "bacons," and played Truth or Dare until it was 4:00 in the morning and we were all dieing of tiredness.
Finally we all huddled under our blankets and fell asleep. Well, almost. I was the last one to fall asleep. I lay in my huge blanket, thinking. my hand rested near my face and almost up against my chest. Suddenly I felt something. One of the girls, Lexi, was leaning down from her pile of padding and was pressing her HEAD down in my hand. What in the world is she doing?!? I thought as i attempted to pull out my hand from under her head. I tugged at my arm, but her skull held firmly down. I poked her head. Nothing happened. After what seemed like a really long time, Lexi turned around and repositioned herself on the other side of her padding. Sleeping people are weird.


  1. Um. . . it was a genius idea! You saw how dark my legs got.

  2. The party sounds like a total blast! I'm glad it was fun. But yes, sleep is very important... everything IS so much more dramatized when one is tired! I'm glad you are close to your sister that you can hang out with her like that- sisters are the BEST!


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