Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodbye Cruel World!

We went on a YW hike to prepare for camp. After perspiring gallons of sweat, drinking a ridiculous amount of water, and being harrassed by bugs, we finally got home after FIVE HOURS up in the mountains. I know some people love the mountains, and I admit, they are beautiful, but they are not my ideal spot. I like the mall, cities, school... places like that.

Well guess what? I'm going to Girls Camp. Yes, I know you will all miss me....... or maybe you'll just be happy to rid of me. Who knows? We're just hoping I won't die up there. Maybe from heat, being so dirty (patooie!), bugs, being without family, going to the bathroom in the dreaded biffys, or plenty of fatal things such as these. Will I survive? We'll just have to find out.

In the meantime, enjoy your life without me in it, and goodbye cruel world!


  1. I miss girls camp. I usually didn't go on the hikes, like you I'm not a hiker. I preferred to sit in the cabin all day having girl talk with my friends, or sitting by the camp fire. Even though we like boys so much, it's nice to get some much needed girl time.

    Have fun at camp!

  2. You'll love girls camp! I'll be there on Friday! But, I'm not looking forward to the heat and the bathrooms.


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