Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I never liked my speaking voice. There's just something about it that bugs me. I wonder, how do you listen to me at all?

Some people have great voices, though. Like big black men with deep, chocolaty voices, or small old women with soft and gentle tones.

There are some voices I miss hearing. I miss the violent laughter of my cousins when I would say something funny or bring up an inside joke. I miss the moments when I'd walk into my fifth grade classroom and my teacher would exclaim happily, "Hey Tess!" I miss my former bishop's comforting voice that always made you feel safe.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I miss his voice. Slightly slurred and relaxed, but full of emotion. Sarcastic bit sincere when he was giving a compliment or saying something nice. He was never afraid to express his opinion, and when he did everyone would listen because they knew he was about to say something hilarious. It was one of those voices that kept you smiling, no matter what the day.

Some voices are just impossible to forget.


  1. very true! I love hearing good voices over the phone!

  2. Remember when Mr. Mosbacker would call on him to Johnny Reeves? That was a classic


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