Saturday, July 17, 2010

Halfway Over

Summer's halfway over! I've done some crazy things...

Yesterday started with a lot of fabric. My mom decided that I was going to sew a pillow for myself. Kayla came over to assist me in the process. After seam-ripping, sewing slowly, frustration, joking around, and a lot of other randomness, the pillow was finally done.

Soon later my friend Sami came over and we had a sleepover. That morning I slept in until 8:30. That's like a record. It was way intense.

Next my best friend Ansalee invited me to her house. I'm really not sure what brought up the idea, but we made SHOES out of DUCT TAPE. We laughed so hard our sides hurt and we were tearing up. Those shoes sure picked up a lot of hair off of our carpet...

After that lovely adventure I arrived back home at 6:00, when I was supposed to be a YW planning meeting at my leader's house. "I'm gonna' be late!!!!!" I ran outside to find my dad getting off of his motorcycle. "Get back on! I need to leave!" I threw myself on his motorcycle and we took off down the street. By the time I reached my destination, my hair was so tangly it was ridiculous. I combed my fingers frantically through my endless locks of hair as I knocked on the door.

The door opened and my Beehive leader smiled at me and ushered me in. As we planned our activity for Wednesday, I held her little baby, Xander. He had such soft skin and was so cute but the squirmiest thing alive. He moved around and spit out his binky several times. Finally I lowered him on my lap, supported his head with one arm, and rested my other arm on his front side, lightly holding his binky in his mouth. It wasn't long until he was asleep in my arms. When the small meeting was over, Sister Love looked at me with a surprised but pleased expression on her face, "You put him to sleep." Mom titled me the "Baby-Whisperer."

The next day I had a date with my sister. We saw a movie and went to Farr's Fresh for self-serve ice cream. It was really yummy and after we finished we went home to wait for Braden to get back from Scout Camp.


  1. How great that he reacted so sweetly towards you. He seems great. I'm glad you have had so much to do... despite not having school!

    I love Farrs Ice Cream, What movie did you see? I want to see your new pillow case and good job on getting Xander to sleep!


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