Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Is...

-Sleeping in
-Walking barefoot on the hot sidewalk
-Running through sprinklers with your clothes on
-Going on vacation
-Tripping over the toe of your flip flop
-Trying to tan and sunburning instead
-Sweating like crazy
-Rolling down hills and getting grass in your hair
-Hiking for hours
-Killing spiders in your bedroom
-Getting mosquito bites
-Walking to the grocery store with your friends
-Getting new clothes
-Turning the fans on high
-Sleeping on top of your covers at night
-Waiting for your school scedule to come
-Having sleepovers with crazy girls
-Seeing movies late at night
-The clock moving slowly on boring days
-Seeing family members
-Buying junk food
-Having photoshoots everywhere you go
-Going swimming
-Staring at your yearbook
-Telling your mom random facts about your crush with her usual response of "Oh, that's nice." *walks off*

Well, there's my list of qualities of summer vacation. I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Looks like you convered all the basics! Very good list!


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