Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Acts of Service

In one of Utah's chilly months (I think it was November) I made Kayla take me to Deseret Book. I had heard David Archuleta was doing a signing there and, of course, thrilled myself with the idea of meeting him. And being the amazing sister that she is, Kayla was willing to stand with me in a line that wrapped all around the building.

We stood outside in the freezing cold for a long time. Neither of us brought coats for some reason. I took probably 2 pictures before my camera died and I blessed Kayla with an explanation of my deep sorrow on that matter. When David Archuleta came, I had a hard time watching excited squealing girls come out of the building while I was still standing in a line that seemed to go on forever. I was still excited, but I was bummed about my camera and trying really hard to warm up my numb fingers.

Kayla and I started talking to the girl in front of us in line. She said she was getting a CD signed for her friend and I admired her dedication. If I was that friend, I would've loved her forever. She was really nice and we talked to her for the rest of the two hours we stood in line.
When we finally got inside, we were happy to be warming up. Our new friend bought us brownie bites and cookies to eat and we saved her spot in line.

That day was unforgettable for two reasons.
1) I met David Archuleta and he signed my magazine and said my name (it sounds even more beautiful when he says it) and looked right at me! *squeal*

and 2) I can never forget the little acts of service we received from that girl in line. We were cold and tired from standing, and she didn't even know us, but just talking to her brightened our day. At stake conference we heard a lot about little acts of service, and this is the day I thought of.

Big things aren't always the things we remember most.

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