Sunday, May 13, 2012


I was at Kohl's with Kayla. We were looking at the jewelry and trying on rings when my dad called. He said he was taking Mom to the emergency room.
Kayla and I rushed home. Mom and Dad were already gone and I went up to the upstairs bathroom to find enough blood to pass for a murder scene. I've never seen so much blood. We cleaned her clothes along with half the bathroom while we waited for Dad's updates. The whole day didn't really seem real. Everything was blurry and I didn't even know what was going on.
We found out that Mom had emergency surgery to fix the stitching that had broken from her last surgery. She lost 1/3 of her blood.
We visited her in the evening. She was pale and had trouble having enough oxygen. I hated being at the hospital and seeing her like that. I didn't want that image scarred in my brain.

None of it really sank in, though, until two days later. That was when I found out that if my dad had arrived at our house five minutes later than he did, my mom would have bled to death. All day I felt heavy and paralyzed. I didn't tell anyone about it except my closest friends.  That night I called on of my best friends and just sobbed over the phone. I didn't even know how to say how I felt. I had almost lost my mom. And if she had died, I wouldn't have even been there to say goodbye or tell her I loved her.
I love my mom so much. And even though it's impossible for teenagers and moms not to clash every once in a while, we have grown so close. I tell her all of my dreams and my stories. She is a crazy super woman, no joke. She has been Relief Society President and had FOUR jobs all AT THE SAME TIME. Her IQ is like 47 billion. She knows how to do everything and is always willing to teach me. She is amazing and even when I'm having a bad day, deep down I will never forget that. I'm so glad she is here with me and even gladder that my family is sealed together for eternity.


  1. Oh my word, Tessa! I'm so sorry!!! Best of luck to your family!

  2. Life is so precious and can be taken so fast- I'm so glad your mom is safe and that she was protected.


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