Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There I was again, leaning against the wall outside... alone. When had I become this? When had I gone from a decently sized group of friends to being a loner? I couldn't put my finger on the exact day, but it had pretty much been like that for over a month.
First I had a fight with my friend, and all of my groupies chose him over me and basically started ignoring me. It's not like they knew anything about what happened, but when he and I parted ways, they followed him. Whatever.
After that I sat with one friend. She was someone I was super close to, but I guess neither of us have been very open lately because mostly we would just talk about random things. I still enjoyed her company. Earlier in the year she would tell me about her boy drama and such, but she stopped talking about it after a while and I didn't know why. Maybe I wasn't understanding enough. Last week I guess she got sick of talking to me about random things and started hanging out with this girl who had boy drama with the same boy she did and she would randomly disappear during lunch. Not long after she just stopped coming to the lunch table.
I guess when it all comes down to it, it's all kind of my fault. But nevertheless, there I was, leaning against the wall just watching the two separate groups of friends that I once hung out with.
I hate A day lunch.
I'm glad the school year is almost over.

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