Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Slightly Ridiculous Story of My Fandom

When it comes to One Direction, I have pride issues. And just for the record, I discovered One Direction first. I discovered them way back before any of their music was released in the U.S. I listened to them obsessively on YouTube and prayed that one day I could have those amazing voices on my iPod.
(Remember my celebrity crushes post? See, I had a crush on Harry Styles before most other Americans knew he existed.)

When their album came in the mail I was more than thrilled. I told my friend from school all at about them on the bus for a field trip. She called them gay and said she didn't like them. I would not live with that falsehood and made her listen to several songs off the album.
She was quickly converted. Naturally.
The next week she was all over them. All she talked about was One Direction. For a while it really picked at my pride. After all, I discovered them first and I was the one who introduced them to her! And she was acting like it was her own great discovery and that they belonged to her. I was perfectly willing to share the 5 British wonders of the world, but the fact she was so possessive drove me crazy. (Oh, the irony...)
Long story war-inside-my-brain-that-lasted-several-days short, I had a bit of a grudge.
During class she and I started to talk more... about One Direction. I started warming up with the idea that at least now I had someone to fangirl with. It wasn't long before she and I became inseparable at school. Now she's pretty much one of my best friends. One Direction brings people together... *sniffle*

Oh, the joys of teenage fandom.

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