Saturday, May 5, 2012


It is universally known that food is not only needed to keep us alive, but also a huge part of culture around the world. Food is how we experience different parts of the world through a sensory experience. Food is an art practiced everywhere. Food is how we socialize.
And I've never really been able to participate in it.
My parents tried for years to get me to eat normal foods. Their attempts usually ended with vomit all over me/the table and loss in appetite for everyone else. It didn't take them long to discover I had an extremely delicate palate. When I got to a certain age and still wouldn't eat normal food, my dinner every night was a piece of bread, or, if I was feeling adventurous, toast. All of my sisters' friends knew me as the crazy little girl who ate bread for dinner.
Although I've come to like more things over the years, not a lot has changed. I still have a delicate palete, or, as most people like to phrase it, I'm still a picky eater.

I can safely say most human beings like to have something to blame for all of their troubles. And for me, it's always been the fact that I'm a picky eater.
You see, if I wasn't a picky eater I could eat healthier foods.
And if I ate healthier foods I would be healthier.
And if I was healthier I would be thinner.
And if I was thinner I would be prettier.
And if I was prettier I would have more friends.
And if I had more friends more boys would like me.
So basically if I wasn't a picky eater... my life would be awesome.
Do you see how flawed this trail of logic is?
I know it's way stupid, but I still find myself thinking it over and over. My mom says I need an "A.N.T. eater" (Automatic Negative Thinking). Like something you can think of to replace negative thoughts. I've been trying to come up with one all week.
But I'm still working on it. That is, accepting myself for who I am.  Besides, there's no point in wishing for things that are impossible.


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