Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blowing Our Cover

One of my best friends, Ale, was on vacation in California surfing her butt off while the rest of us just sat in school today. A common activity for our group of friends (the five of us, when Ale's there) is to conveniently show up wherever Ale's crush happens to be at lunch. We're oddly supportive of her stalking. But I guess that's what high school is... the time to stalk without getting a restraining order.
Today we were texting Ale at lunch and she said our mission was to say hi to her crush. We decided to videotape it so we could show her when she gets back.
Something you should know is that her crush is constantly flirting with her in one of her classes, but has NO idea who the rest of us are. And without her there, he probably thinks we're just a bunch of random creepy girls.
Well today we were sitting at our normal lunch tables at the end of the school where nobody goes and where we can gossip in peace when we saw him at his locker nearby. We quickly planned our strategy and went through with our plan. We walked cooly down the hall past where he stood. Brenda said hi to him and called him by name, and he waved back at us with a slightly confused expression on his face. Tye held up a phone and pretended to text but actually videotaped the whole thing.
Once the deed was done, we walked swiftly down the hall and all ducked around the corner into a deep doorway. We were all freaking out about what we had just done and watched the video that Tye took. "Oh my gosh," I said near the end of the video, "that was so awkward when he said hi to Brenda and then he just looked at us all weird and--"
And at that exact moment, he walked right past the doorway we were hiding in, looked at us with an unreadable expression on his face, and continued down the hall. I was SO embarrassed. I felt my entire body get hot and all I could think was WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?
We totally blew our cover.
I called Ale and said that basically, we can never stalk her crush again. "Nice going, guys," she said.

Yeah. We try.

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  1. HAHA!!! That was the most awkward moment of this year!!! But i'm sure that we will have plenty more :) Love you girly <3


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