Sunday, November 11, 2012

If I Never Knew You

One of my high school friends asked about my Jr. High "love life." I told her it was a long story (basically this entire blog and more besides). She said she really wanted to hear it. So I typed it up. It was a summarized version, but it was five pages long. Telling the whole story at once really had me thinking... A LOT. Even though a lot of hard things happened, I'm happy I was able to learn so many lessons. I kind of touched on this subject a few posts ago, but even if at the time I wished I had never met certain people in my life, I'm really glad I did.

So I know that basically all I do is post songs on here... but I have been listening to this song 24/7 and it really says a lot. It is "If I Never Knew You" from the 2005 version of Pocahontas.

I'm so grateful to you, 
I'd have lived my whole life through,
Lost forever, 
If I never knew you.

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