Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Challenge--Day 2 (Plus Liquid Nitrogen and Preforming)

The day started normally. I attended my classes as usual, until I got to A4-- Science.

Today we had a demo about phase changes using liquid nitrogen. Mr. Housley first put a hot dog in it to demonstrate what liquid nitrogren would do to human flesh. When he pulled out the hot dog it was slightly shriveled and pale. He held it out for the class to see while he began talking to us about what had happened to the hot dog. Mid-sentance, he chucked the not-so-hot dog and it hit the board and shattered like glass, showering the room with pieces of extremely frozen hot dog.
At another point in the lesson Housley scooped a cup of the nitrogen and splashed it over our heads. IT felt so weird... First you felt this stinging liquid, and the next minute it was gone.

And as for the challenge. I was having a great conversation with my friend, and he is friends with this girl who I have never really enjoyed being around. But then I thought, She's got to be a good person if she's friend with such a great kid,  right? For the rest of the day I concentrated on all of the nice things she's said to me rather than the emotional torment I had previously recieved from her. I think it worked, and now I don't hate her... It'll take some more work to like her, but I'm not stopping now.

Also today was the first choir concert at Canyon View Jr. High. I'm in the advanced girls' choir, Treble Trios. We all had matching glittery tops and sang out hearts out on stage. I had a great time!

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  1. Glad you had a great time. Was that a picture that was posted on FB from that day?


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