Monday, October 4, 2010

Counting Hugs

Recently I'd been feeling like the lamest person on the face of the planet. I felt like no one appreciated me, which was quickly to be proven wrong.

People would notice that I was sad and give me a hug and talk to me or ask what's wrong. I realized that I've been freaking out about nothing, and that everyone is nice to me. I then started counting hugs.

My friend Ansalee likes to count things. For a couple of weeks she would count all of the guys wearing purple shirts she'd see in the hall. Then when she was sick she counted how many cough drops she'd take in a day. So today, aiming for optimism, I started counting hugs. It turns out in 5 hours time I recieved SEVEN wonderful hugs. I feel so loved!

Ansalee is also trying to be my "boy-craziness rehabilitation therapist." Oh goodness.

So now I'm sitting here, wrapped up in a sweatshirt listening to the rumble of thunder and the patter of rain. I hate being wet outside in the rain, but man, how I love these sounds.(:


  1. You inherited that love...the sound of rain is the best!

  2. I love those rainy days inside also!

    I am glad you counted all the hugs. Optimism is a very powerful thing :)


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